Discover the 4000 Year Old Secret for Yourself. Have the Ability to Slow the Physiological Signs of Aging and Promote, Youthfulness, Vibrance, and Longevity.

Adaptogen Herbs, Wild Harvested, Di Tao (Authentic Source), Hand Crafted, Quality Tested, 100% All Natural, Pure Adaptogen Herbal Products.

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We are the only company we know of to offer, no harmful artificial fillers, additives or binding agents such as, manganese stearate, microcrystalline cellulose, silicon dioxide, calcium silicate or rice powder, in our products.
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Documented and passed down through generations and used throughout Asia for the past 4000 years

Herbs Adaptogens are extraordinary all-natural, non-toxic substances which have the ability to slow the physiological signs of aging and promote, youthfulness, vibrance, and longevity. A defense system for your body in todays high stress world, helping your body adjust to highly stressful situations or illness, restoring balance to your system, keeping you youthful, vibrant, and full of energy. Our Adaptogen Herbs are Di Tao (Authentic Source). They are also tested every step of the way to assure their quality and are GMO free, organic and/or wild-grown. At Immortal Herbs we take special care to make sure our products conform to GMP standards. We never dilute the product by using fillers or using tinctures. We never use chemical binding agents such as Magnesium Stearate in any of our products. Our products are 100% pure natural herbs and herbal extracts.

So what’s so great about Adaptogen Herbs, you ask?

Adaptogens use the power of nature to sufficiently nurture our body in a way which makes it fully capable of moderating its individual yet united multitude of functions. Tonic herbs are not harsh, and only help to attain the goals of maintaining our health, our vigor, and our youthfulness. Tonic Herbalism is based on a 4000 year old documented system of health promotion passed down and through generations, providing protection, and psychological transformation. It enables our body to regulate itself the way nature intended, something science will never be able to match.

So what exactly are tonic herbs and where are they from?

Adaptogen herbs are elite and from the most developed herbal system in the world: The Chinese herbal system. The herbs are very safe and may be used for a lifetime to reinforce one’s health. In Asian culture, these natural substances have been associated with the highest quality of life. They’re connected with the ideals of glowing health, slow aging, wisdom, physical vitality, sexual vigor and response, mental acuity, adaptability, clear intuition, harmony with nature and other human beings, and a long life full of love, compassion, and happiness. The attitude the Chinese and other Asian societies have taken toward health distinguishes Chinese Tonic Herbalism from other systems. By emphasizing the promotion of health by preventive means instead of generally emphasizing the remedial, a body of knowledge is created concerning the health-promoting tonic herbs that no other system has matched. Other than China, these herbs come from Indonesia, Africa, New Zealand, Tibet, Bhutan, Mongolia, Korea, Japan, Russia, Europe, North and South America, and almost every region of the world. No matter where we are in the world, in life, we naturally work on rebalancing and replenishing ourselves. Diseases and suffering arise from the imbalances of what is called the Three Treasures, which Tonic Herbalism helps replenish and rebalance. The Three Treasures are three energies which we can separate into analogies in order to have a fuller understanding: Jing is the candle; Qi is the flame; and Shen is the light shed by the candle. The candle (Jing) determines how long we live and the power of our life; it is essentially, our resource of life. The flame (Qi) is life’s energy - our daily vitality such as breathing and eating to manifest our natural ability to defend and fight off pathogens. The light from the candle (Shen) is our psychological state of well being. It is our wisdom, our radiance, and our spirit.

Adaptogen Herbs help regulate and boost our protective functions such as our immune system. The immune system can be sharpened in a way that can make it highly reliable, even in the face of severe challenge. Many tonics have profound immune enhancing qualities. Tonic herbs are well known to help in the development of a strong, clear mind and sharp intuition.

A Way of Life and Natural Health

Using Chinese tonic herbs for an extended period of time will benefit almost every person who does so. Tonic herbs are indeed transformative. For some, the influence may be subtle at first and cumulative over time, while others may experience profound and instantaneous benefits. One of the profound benefits of tonic herbs is their ability to transform “vicious cycles” into “benevolent cycles.” Instead of one problem leading to more problems, the tonics reverse the process all together. The herbs provide something good for us. When we take these tonic herbs, we feel a strength and balance inside ourselves; a relaxation and peace overcome us, yet we have an abundant amount of energy when needed. We become more and more adaptive and find ourselves doing things we never thought we could. We become truly healthy, in every way.