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  • immortal calm

    Immortal Calm

    Control and manage stress with a more natural solution

    • Anti-stress, anti anxiety, body balancing formula promotes relaxation without drowsiness
    • Contains L-theanine, famous for stress reduction, calming ability and is a potent immune supporter
    • Unique blend of L-theanine and Chinese herbs make this a remarkably safe and effective remedy

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  • immortal sleep

    Immortal Sleep

    Regain the balance needed to ensure a healthy, restful sleep

    • Creates deep relaxation of body and mind with no next day drowsiness
    • Unique blend offers benefits beyond that of a good night's sleep to bring the body back into balance
    • L-theanine combined with Chinese herbs is the ultimate formula to get the body into a deep state of rest

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  • Ultimate Performance Combo Pack

    Designed to work together to give you the ultimate performance boost...naturally

    • Total Nutrition: best seller; nutrient dense proprietary superfood mix that offers extraordinary health benefits
    • Immortal Performance: Chinese pharmaceutical grade herbs designed to help you perform your best
    • Immortal Energy: carefully selected formula gives you a heightened sense of well-being, energy and focus
    • Immortal Longevity: combination of revolutionary ingredients revered for their support of a healthy aging process

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Discover The Difference

Immortal Herbs in Action

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testimony 1

I feel more focused, confident and awake throughout the day with a great rest the night before

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testimony 4

My energy level has sky rocketed with Immortal Energy. Thank you Immortal Herbs, Immortal Energy!

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testimony 3

I've been able to rest more peacefully at night, get a good night's sleep and wake up refreshed

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testimony 2

Thank you so much Immortal Energy. I will never be drinking coffee again

Success Stories

  • The military has given me many different meds to help with anxiety associated with conflicts in Iraq and none have worked as well as Immortal Calm. This is a great product and if you need to be one with yourself this is for you.


  • I can almost feel a change already after taking it for two days. I take this along with a Calm herbal pill I got from another vendor here. I feel too serene almost, which is actually amazing for me. I typically am stressed and anxiety ridden due to my recent career boom. Now, I take things on with utter ease, I plan on using the two pills for another 3 months to see how their effects increase. I hear that the longer you take them, the better the effects are. At this rate my family and friends are going to think I'm on something LMAO.

    PrettyInPink (PIP) In California

  • I use for general stress. I have also used for when I have tension headaches and need to settle down before bed, when needed (combine with immortalsleep for a good nights sleep). It's very subtle -- you just feel the edge taken off. It's a good blend of quality Chinese herbs and there are results. I've recommended to a few friends that love it as well. My acupuncturist loves them! Have to share something good when you find it. Shipping - It arrived within 2 days of my order. immortalcalm is an excellent product! I can't recommend it enough. ;)

    Perfect Name for perfect product

  • So I have a two year old and and have been watching the Lion King lately, so after taking Immortal Calm, the song Hakuna Matada from the movie kinda just sums it up for me on this product. After I have been taking this I feel a much needed sense of calm. I never knew how wound up I was until I started taking Immortal Calm and started to feel much more relaxed.

    Claude Blackman for perfect product

  • Working in the building industry the days are very fast paced and stressful, then the family life starts and the stress is still there. When immortal calm is taken with immortal sleep i actually feel myself "slowing down" and can get a good nights sleep.

    Michelle V

  • I have tried the natural stress and let me tell you, I am amazed how it works. I have high anxiety normally always worrying about everything and quite often I have what seems to be like butterflies in my stomach from my nerves. Since taking these pills I no longer have that anxiety on a daily basis! Thank you so much for creating a heathy way to keep my days happy and calm!


  • I suffer from severe emotional depression and often find myself getting stomach aches when something upsets me - even something as little as a drama on TV. Most of the time I also find I get sick from these stomach aches and no depression medication can make it go away. I won't get upset, but the gut aches are still there when the depression isn't. These pills are not only making me a bit happier but I am no longer having any stomach pains! I'm so happy to have given these a chance! Now, just because they are helping I wouldn't recommend using them to replace any depression medications. They are a great pick-me-up though :)


Immortal Herbs Difference

We lead the way

We Are the Only Company to Offer No Fillers of Any Kind in Our Products. The primary goal of Immortal Herbs is the promotion of positive vibrant health, stress reduction, mental clarity, longevity for looking and feeling your best.

Discover the 5,000 year old secret


We Are the Only Company to Offer No Fillers of Any Kind in Our Products. We Never Compete on Price, Only Quality. Our Tonic Herbs are Di Tao (Authentic Source). They are also quality tested to assure they are 100% gluten free, GMO free, and wild-grown. At Immortal Herbs we take special care to make sure our products conform to GMP standards. We never dilute the product by using fillers or using tinctures. We never use chemical binding agents such as Magnesium Stearate in any of our products. Our products are 100% pure natural herbs and herbal extracts.

365 day money back gurantee

Our Exclusive Guarantee makes it easy, convenient, and safe for you to shop at Immortal Herbs 24 hours a day, seven days a week. We guarantee your total satisfaction by providing the very best prices, products, selection, security, privacy, and service available online today.

All physical purchases at are covered by our 365 day unconditional money-back guarantee. Returns, exchanges, refunds, and replacements will not be processed after 365 days of date of delivery. Our specially trained staff of customer service representatives are available via our toll-free number 1-855-994-3727 Monday - Friday 9 a.m. to 7 p.m.